The Martian
The Martian by Andy Weir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I first described this book to someone, I said it was Don Cheadle’s character from the Mission to Mars movie. Without aliens. But it’s more like MacGuyver in the Castaway movie. On Mars.

This book is SMART. Meaning, this author is a NERD. And not your self-proclaimed fandom-type nerd, we’re talking astrophysics AS A HOBBY nerd. Mark Watney (character) is a SMARTASS. So, the author (Andy Weir) is probably a smartass too, which is all good.

I have absolutely no complaints about this book (I literally just typed “movie” and had to replace it with “book”). Okay, just one complaint. Everyone was too awesome. Even the country of China was awesome. Only one time did someone voice their hesitation about risking the lives of the other astronauts to go back and save Watney and he got called names and overruled. When everyone is a Maverick, is it called a Maverii?

Back to the movie thought… I know it’s been optioned already. Just found out that Matt Damon is going to play Watney. Where does the line start?

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