I do not want to do this. I do not want to ask people for money. I don’t want to ask friends, or family, or strangers, or anyone. The only reason I’m doing this is because the lovely people that are helping me really do need to be paid. I also underestimated how much 450 t-shirts would cost. And then ship. I’m NOT getting paid a penny. So I have to remember what I’m asking for really, it’s to pay my friends who do this (websites and lawyer-ly things) for a living. And for t-shirts that I’m going to turn around and give away.

I’ve gotten the word out to nine different publications now, and one has been nice enough to publish my press release: Digital Book World It’s pretty cool to see it out there now. It makes it… I don’t know… legit? The publications that I doubt will run anything are the local magazines. Funny.

Anyway, the Pubslush link is up and in pre-campaign, or launch, mode: booksfromscratch.pubslush.com. Natalie has made some BEAUTIFUL social media pictures that I can’t wait to share.

But right now, I want to sleep through the next two months.