Landline by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is eerily timely and parallels my life in creepy ways. Georgie and I are around the same age. We’re both good at our jobs, sometimes better at our jobs than we are at being wives and mothers. We take our husbands for granted, but attempt to make up for it in other ways. We both married wonderful men who aren’t overly expressive. We both married men who gave up what they wanted so we could have what we wanted, career-wise. My Neal is our children’s primary care-giver, too.

There are some books I read for pure escapism. This book was as close to reality that I could get without writing a non-fiction account of my adult life so far. It is a bucket of ice water, wake up call. And I’m grateful for it.

Dear Rainbow,
I do so appreciate your books. The next time you decide to write about my life, however, I’d appreciate seeing my name in the acknowledgements.
Much love,

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