I’ve met with lawyers in the past. Divorce (my parents) lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers… I even work with lawyers. 78% of the time I end up crying. 100% of the time, they’ve been men.

NOT THIS DAY! I met the lawyer I want to hire for From Scratch Publishing! Well, really, we had a phone conversation and I verbally vomited all over her. She is so bright, and supportive, and excited for me. None of it rang false. She loved the website concept. I figured if anyone told me that it couldn’t be done, it would be her. On the contrary!

I want to meet her so badly now. I think it would be important before unleashing this that we do so. She’s in Minneapolis, so I know that DH and the kids would love to go. To the Mall of America… not to meet the lawyer.

She’s going to figure out a fee for me, but I already know I want to hire her. So, really, the next step is to meet up with the web developer/marketer so we can get the pubslush campaign going.

Also, I need real websites. This ‘coming soon’ crap is sad.