So, I’ve had a conversation with a mentor where I pretty much tried to dazzle her with my fantastic business idea, to the point where she would immediately want to become my friend. She listened well and nodded when appropriate (I can hear nods), and when it came time for feedback, she was really straightforward. She said she was scared to death for me. Because I was doing this alone.

I’d never considered going it alone as a hindrance or even remotely frightening. I was pretty proud of the fact that I came up with the idea on my own and that I was dependent on no one. Her point was that I didn’t have a team to bounce ideas off of and share burdens with. I only had my network of contacts and no one else’s. She was afraid I would burn out. She asked if there was anyone local that I could share the workload with, and no one came to mind.

I don’t believe she meant to, or maybe she did… but she planted a seed of apprehension that wasn’t there before.

I talked to my sister about the conversation and her concerns, and she agreed. Now, even more cause for concern that hadn’t even existed previously.

But then I talked to a friend. She has owned a bed and breakfast and still caters occasionally. She dismissed the notion that I couldn’t do it myself. She stressed that the idea is mine and that I probably wouldn’t want someone else coming in and tweaking anything. I mean, the rules need to be absolute or the writers will go elsewhere. This is all true. I just need someone to tell me what I don’t know, business-wise. Not how to run the business.

I have a lot of people in my corner, and while none of them have come forward to help or really even ask for updates anymore, I know that they want to see this succeed. Mostly because they see how much I struggle to just get through the day. Angry tears have become the norm. No one should loathe how they spend a majority of their day. I want to be happy, fulfilled. I know it can be done.