I’ve had a website idea for a while. I don’t know exactly how long, but it’s been long enough that I’d forgotten that I’d already talked to my husband about it. After discussing my frustration with my friend Kristin, and reading one too many inspirational posters, I decided to go for it.

And by go for it, I mean, ask someone else if it can be done. I tried a few weeks back to build the website on wix. There were just too many elements involved that I’m not well-versed in. I can’t do the website. I house the idea for it and have a slowly forming set of rules, but that’s about it.

I met with a Facebook friend today since her and her husband own a marketing and web development firm in Rapid City. I discussed and overly-gesticulated the idea at her today over iced tea and iced coffee. She seemed excited about the idea and confident that they could help. She’s going to see what kind of quote they can come up with and I asked her to come up with a logo. I’ll use the funds from an editing job I’m doing to pay for that.

As for how I’m going to pay for the rest… I did a lot of research on start-ups over the last week and one of the things I hadn’t considered before was a start-up funding campaign. I decided pubslush.com was the best route to take since it is focused on the literary community, which is the same community the website is focused on. I’ll need a lawyer at some point too, so outside funding is the only way that I’m going to get anything accomplished.

I have reservations about sharing the idea though, which is odd to say since I’m on my blog. Talking about it. And I’ll have to talk about it on pubslush. I just wish I could get things up and running and then talk about it.

But the fact that I’m not sitting on the idea anymore makes me feel really fricken awesome after these past six weeks of really fricken awful.