I will be graduating in six more sleeps. We will travel, as a family, to the campus so that I can take part in the hooding ceremony and commencement. I will be excited once the final final project is finalized, but for right now all I am is tired and emotionally taut.

There are so many mixed feelings. Firstly though, is that I am excited about going on vacation. Damn it all to hell, I deserve it. We all deserve it, for what I’ve put the family through. I can tell my daughter is especially ready for me to be done. She has asked a lot lately when we can have a girls’ night out or spend some mother/daughter time, which makes me feel fantastically horrific. I have to keep putting her off. This countdown of sleeps is as much for them as it is for me. I hope that this vacation closes the chapter well on the whole school thing. Mom got on the plane as a student, and got off the plane as a… well… Mom.

I am excited about commencement. I’ve never been to a hooding ceremony before, so that’s kind of cool. I will see at least one of the four women I consider my tribe. I will also see my prof-adviser, which will not be as happy a meeting. If he asks how I felt about the program, I’ll be honest. He deserves the truth just as much as the students that come after me. I will wait until I actually have my grades and diploma before writing down my concerns to share with administration.

What else am I looking forward to? UPDATING MY RESUME! Really, it’s as simple as that. I’ve updated it on a semester basis with my new GPA and always with the ‘anticipated graduation date’. Now I can say that I have the degree and this is my final final GPA. I can change my narrative on several sites to begin with the statement: I have a Master of Science in Publishing.

I’m looking forward to reading for pleasure, and I have already spend considerable amount of time and funds on building that library and perfecting it in Goodreads. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a whole lot of time for that yet because I’ve already signed myself up for a lot of other things. In order to build my portfolio, I’ve signed up to edit some works on Wattpad. I think I’m already up to five sample edits and a whole substantive. I actually did that back in February but didn’t have the time to do it because of the school work. I also want to build this blog into a book review blog. I’ve got my netgalley account, I just need to use it. Plus, I need to bone up on the publishing industry and fill the gaps left by my education, and I know there are books for that. So, more reading, reading, reading… YAY!

There are a lot of things I’m not looking forward to. In brief: student loans, figuring out how to pay them, overworking for at least the next ten years, hiding my disappointment (I have the world’s worst poker face), rejection, divorce (for surely he will want to when he finds out about the debt hell I’ve brought upon him), further weight gain from only being able to afford filler meals and dollar menu items, and my children saying horrible things about their absentee mother failing miserably at parenting.

So, yay, vacation.

Good night,