Long time, no update!

My graduate studies are officially half over! I received my spring grades today and I still have a 3.5 CGPA. I’m pleased with that. I wanted straight A’s in all Mass Comm classes during undergrad (the ONE B I received was devastating), but now that I’m in grad school, I’m okay with B’s. Maybe it has something to do with actually making it into grad school and taking two classes per semester and having a full time job and two kids. I’m okay with B’s, as long as they’re paired with an A.

I have both of my internships lined up and the rest of my academic career planned out. I’m taking one class during June and one internship during July. Then my fall semester will consist of a Linguistics and Reading course and the other internship. I’ve actually started working for the fall internship already because I learn best while doing. My final semester next spring will consist of a digital publishing class and a legal environments class.

I know that I want to walk for graduation, but the question I’m facing is how to get there. If we drive it will take 48 hours on the road, round-trip. I can’t imagine surviving that with the kids. Even if we limit the daily drive to eight hours, we’d be on the road for a week. Maybe Amtrak will go part of the distance? We’ll see. But I’m walking regardless! My hood will be gold! Hopefully not 1970s Harvest Gold…