Cover of "Speak"

Cover of Speak

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Publication date October 22, 1999
Penguin Group
ISBN: 0142407321

I remember hearing about this book after its movie came out. But I didn’t hear about the movie until after the Twilight movie came out and Kristen Stewart became a much talked about star. Also, I love Michael Angarano from Sky High and Steve Zahn from, well, everything. But I never saw the movie and I eventually only wanted to read the book. I never had the time until it was assigned.

Something happened to Melinda Sordino the summer before freshman year of high school. She’s not talking about it and no one is asking anyway. In fact, everyone is angry with her for ratting out the party to the cops. Trying to maneuver the high school landscape has proven to be a challenge and every friend she ever had has turned their back. An eccentric teacher seems to be the only one talking to her but she is afraid to speak.

Reading Speak was exactly what I needed after reading Thirteen Reasons Why. It restored some of my faith in the teenage girl. Yes, both Melinda and Hannah blamed the wrong people for what happened in their lives, but they reacted very differently. Melinda became a stronger person and not at the expense of anyone else.

I was surprised at just how quickly I read Speak. I finished it over the course of two evenings was all. I liked the vignette chapters and the marking period sections. Laurie Halse Anderson is a fantastic writer. I cannot understand why this book has been banned, but I do understand why this book has been awarded so many times.

Goodreads rating: 5 of 5 stars