Sleeping in Eden by Nicole Baart
Publication date April 2, 2013
Howard Books
ISBN: 1439197377

Along with about a dozen other things, I resolved this New Year to get on NetGalley and review books before publication. After completing my profile, I requested about a half-dozen titles. Most requests were rejected, but Sleeping in Eden was approved immediately.

Two unrelated paths intermingle and are told side-by-side. One, an adult story about a married couple unable to make amends; and the other a young adult story about a girl caught between a boy who loves her and another boy she loves. Dr. Lucas Hudson and his wife Jenna have lived as roommates since the disappearance of Angela Sparks, the daughter of the town drunk. After finding a body buried under the swinging corpse of Jim Sparks, Lucas believes he has solved the mystery of Angela’s disappearance. Meg Painter has met the boy of her dreams just before the start of high school. They quickly become friends and he doesn’t want anything more. The boy across the street does, however.

As I began to read the story, there were a few familiar items that caught my attention. The name of the Hudson’s hometown was very familiar. The 114th Fighter Wing out of Sioux Falls was also very familiar. The Black Hills jewelry and even the mention of the jewelry’s manufacturers also rang a bell. These little details made me appreciate the effort of the author, who tells a compelling story.

The issue that I had was that the story was a big back-and-forth. I knew from the synopsis that there had to be something linking the story, I just had a hard time waiting for it. Both stories could’ve continued without the shared plot. I became more and more interested in the story of Meg and Dylan and cared much less for Jenna and her whining. While it was well written and interesting, I found out too early what was going to happen and became disappointed in the results.

Goodreads rating: 3 of 5 stars