I got my 1st Generation Nook back on Black Friday 2011 and I love it. I use it primarily to download library books using Overdrive and now to read galleys. I’ll buy a Nook book every once in a while, but I thought it happened a lot more infrequently than is actually the case.

Biding my time until school starts, I decided to use Goodreads to determine how many Nook books I have and of that number, how many have gone unread. The preliminary number is a staggering (to me) 55 books. How did I amass so many books without noticing? My guess would be Free Fridays that I’ll probably never read or Daily Deals that I’ll read someday.

p.s. Side note on the 1st Generation Nook… the battery is beginning to fail. It doesn’t hold a charge as long as it once did. Even if I am just reading and not using the wi-fi or touchscreen, it will be at half battery within a few hours. Is it because of the touchscreen or is it because of how many books I have on it?