After today’s hair appointment, my feet lead me to the used bookstore next door. I went with the intention of purchasing a specific book, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I know the book series has been out for some time, so I figured it would be no problem finding it at a good discount. Unfortunately, I could not find it at all and there wasn’t a database for me to look up possible locations either. So, I started looking around for something else to buy.

I hit the literature section and saw a lot of titles that I’d wanted to read. I didn’t buy any, however. I was concerned that I’d already bought them at some point and just hadn’t read them yet.

Which leads me to a future project. I use Goodreads for tracking books I’ve read and want to read, but I don’t have a list of books I already own. I think it’s time I organize my shelves and create an ‘owned’ list. That way when I get my next trim, I’ll be able to go next door and buy armloads of used books with confidence.