Yesterday was blog-building day. I didn’t really take time to introduce myself or specify just what the heck this blog is about. No pictures, no grand ideas, none of that. I just rearranged stuff and planned what I would share or link and what I wouldn’t (Goodreads, hell yes. Twitter, yes. Gmail, yes. Tumblr, probably. LinkedIn, eventually. Pinterest, probably not. Facebook, no. Google +, ?).

Then, with a sense of accomplishment, I sat down to read the first five chapters of the selection for book club. Because with accomplishment must come reward.

Then I thought maybe today I would go through all my old blog entries on myspace (hahaha, right?) to add some history to this blog. History gives me depth, right? Then I remembered how inconsistent I was with writing blog entries and didn’t think the topics discussed are relevant these days. Then I wondered if I should start this blog at all.

Of course, and this is why.

I have something to share and a way of helping others. Not necessarily today, but maybe one day. And that day comes closer each day.

So, let it begin.